Jumat, 29 April 2011


Aura kasih was was also necessary, because the blogs and forums also discussed that the aura of love and ariel peterpan also has a hot video. whether it's true or not, these rumors, but Aura kasih as the former girlfriend of ariel.Ariel peterpan also need to be alert if this were ever recorded with an aura of intimate love scenes.

Expected heat spreader similar videos ariel peterpan and the aura of love is also uploaded on rapidshare, but after the pan has not been able to find videos and Aura Kasih Ariel peterpan, or may not use the name of the file name aura kasih or ariel peterpan, making it difficult to find by the way its search on google

If it really happens, there is the possibility Aura kasih will argue as practiced by cut tari when responding to a video that allegedly look like her.
"This is a risk of working in the entertainment world and this includes the risk of my husband had a wife working in the entertainment world, so everything for me is the risk of a job," explained Dance when found at his home in Pondok Kelapa road XII / 9, Jakarta Timur , Wednesday (06/07/2010) night.

Wife of John Joseph Subrata even then thanked her husband and his family who still put faith in him. Joseph, who accompanied his wife when answering reporters' questions could only draw lessons from this incident.

"Do not tell me a great soul, my soul and I'm just one more turn, I can not do anything about it. I just prayed, begged, to try and draw lessons from the events there," said Joseph

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