FOTO CIUMAN MESRA Bertrand Antolin dan Giska Dmelia Sekar Mawar

Jumat, 29 April 2011

Bertrand Antolin-Giska Dmelia Sekar Mawar

Bertrand Antolin-Giska Dmelia Sekar Mawar
Bertrand Antolin-Giska Dmelia Sekar Mawar

Bertrand Antolin had just returned to the world of entertainment after a long vacuum for educational affairs. Even Bertrand tried to race in the field of fate if vocals by issuing a single. Now this handsome artist who exposed dreadful news-related photos lovingly kiss with a woman named Giska Dmelia. Photo Bertrand Antolin and Giska Dmelia kiss was a hot news media. is this sensation?

In the photo it looks Bertrand Antolin Giska Dmelia kissing lips. Dmelia Giska itself is a girl who accuses Sammy Kerispatih stealing his car. Although Giska between Bertrand and still no word if they were making love but pictures hot kiss Bertrand and Giska already circulating on the internet.

Bertrand Antolin was born in Jakarta, July 31, 1980. He is a soap opera actress and bloody widescreen Tionghoa and France, as well known as presenter of TV programs.

Who had starred in films including the APA ARTINYA CINTA starred with Samuel Rizal and Shandy Aulia. As for who ever starred in soap operas, among them akuu BUKAN UNTUKMU and others.

In the course of his career ex-girlfriend was never Aminarti Dhini diisyukan establish same-sex relationships, with soap star Indra L Bruggman. In fact, both have undergone diisyukan marriage in the Netherlands. Although they reject it.

Old does not appear in public, mid-September 2009, Bertrand released debut single, Dismissed, marking it the world's expanded pull votes.

Bertrand fans who missed seeing her acting on television, it'll miss feeling relieved. The reason he returned to the screen, playing soap AURA.

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