Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

A. : good morning Mrs,….

B. : good morning

A : how do you do,…?

B : how do you do, where do you come from?

A : I from Pagantenan And you..?

B : I from….larangan

A : em…..what is your name….?

B : my name is Fatim, and you

A : Arif…..by the way there are my friends this is Aini and this Aziz, if you want, please…..introduce your self to them

B : oke thank you, hay I’m Fatim. how are you….?

C : fine thanks… how bout you ?

B : thank fine too

C : nice to meet you….!!

B : nice too and what is your name ?

D : my name is Aziz

B : where do you come from

D : I from plakpak

A : em…..will you all just us to go to the movie ….?

B : of course…

D : it’s oke

C : em…. Good idea

B : when ?

A : this night a half pas six

D : but for this time I don’t have much maney

C : don’t worry friend take it easy…

A : Abd Aziz, Aini, and are my friend, when we are at senior high school and I didn’t meet them since continous my study to university our departemen and campus different, so.a long time I don’t meet them.

B : O…. I see

D : where do you take university

B : unija, sumenep.

C : what is you departmen ?

B : economic departmen same as Aziz

C : O I see

A : em…. Abd Fatim …I will go home with them, if you want follow me it’s ok

B : oh now, because there is meeting, see you tomorrow ot campus

A : see you

C : a….i miss you so much because a long time don,t meet you

D : I,m too

A : of courese friend,I miis you too by….

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