English Conversation

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Are you free on (... Friday night)?

A: Sure, what did you have in mind?

D: No, I’m going to my grandmother’s 80th birthday party.

Would you like to go to ( ... a picnic

on Sunday afternoon)?

A: That would be great, thanks.

D: No can do, I have a soccer game.

How about going to ( ... the movies

with me this Saturday)?

A: That sounds great. What time?

D: Sorry, but I’ve already made other plans.

I’d like to invite you to ( ... the dance

this weekend)?

A: How kind of you to ask, I’d be delighted.

D: I’m sorry, but I have a previous engagement.

Do you want to go to ( ... the rock

concert with me)?

A: Sure. When?

D: No thanks, loud concerts give me an earache.

Bob: Alice, what are you doing Sunday afternoon?

Alice: Not much, what did you have in mind?

Bob: The Fourth Avenue Street Fair is going on downtown. Would you like to go?

Alice: Sure, sounds like fun. What is it anyway?

Bob: Just a bunch of vendors selling food, clothes, and what not, kind of like a carnival. There are also

street musicians and performers. It's interesting to just walk around looking at the people and the sights.

Alice: What time and where do we meet?

Bob: The fair opens at 9:00, but I'm busy in the morning. How about 1:00?

Alice: OK, should I meet you somewhere there?

Bob: Why don't I pick you up at your house?

Alice: Sounds good, see you then.

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