Kholilurrahman's Era

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011
Kholilurrahman Pamekasan in the era called the city gate in greeting. There are a lot of progress from the greeting gate of which all school students ranging from junior high school (smp) until high school (SMA) for which women are wearing veils

In the field of education in the kholilurrahman also managed to get a wide range of achievement among students who managed to get a champion on the national and international level.

Two things are not much different from those already provided leadership during Shafi. There is little to distinguish between the leadership of the two regents. Mr. Shafi is more focused on achievement in the field of education. This is evidenced by the many achievements in the field of education achieved. Examples such as Octavian andi latif, the Olympic champion physics is known to many people all over the world. As with the leadership of KH kholilurrahman. He put forward the preservation of culture. This is evidenced by the haruskannya students dressed in batik on certain days. So also with the conservation of cattle in Madura kerapan which has received serious attention from regents

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